Here are a few of the questions most commonly asked in your emails...
1) What was the inspiration for the Henge?
Well, you know how people say that you give a million monkeys a million typewriters, they'll eventually come up with the script for Hamlet? I turns out that it only takes 5 drunk men about 20 minutes to think up new uses for women's sanitary products.
2)Do you have far too much time on your hands?
The Henge itself took less than a day to design and build, add in shopping time for materials and then time to throw this webpage together, and you can do it all in 1 weekend. If you think having a weekend to do whatever you like is having too much time on your hands... then yes.

3)What's the point of it all?
The point is to cheer people up. My grandad always used to say "If during the day, you can make just one person smile, then that day has not been wasted". I wish I had known him longer.

Either that or I'm just an odd bloke who likes playing with tampons... the jury's still out on this one...

4)Will you be our mom?
No... I'm physically incapable of being anyone's mother. Thank God.
5)Why does the Sun God look Oriental?
It's because my friend Graeme can't draw to save his life... it was better than my attempt though.
6)What's next?
Well I have big plans for future ventures. Currently I have all the materials to build The Hanging Tampons of Babylon, and that will be the next addition to the site. Eventually I hope to have all the wonders of the world, both ancient and modern, reconstructed on the site.
7)Are you mad?
Probably, but then I'd be bored if I wasn't. Find out more about me here.

Tampon Henge brought to you by a leading digtal expert.